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Adirondack Boats: The Lure, The Lore, The Passion

Adirondack Boating Fun

Boating fun on Adirondack waters!
Boating in the Adirondacks offers an unending choice of fun! Cruise boats and tours on the larger lakes, motorboats for skiing, wakeboarding and tubing, paddleboats, sailing and a host of other choices for boating fun on Adirondack waterways!

Streams, Creeks & Rivers

The Adirondack Mountains were formed by ancient glaciers, cutting, heaving and pushing their way through the landscape! The result? A seemingly endless number of streams, creeks and rivers in the Adirondack Park, perfect for canoes, kayaks, and rowboats.

Adirondack Boat Launches

With more than 3,000 lakes, rivers and streams in the Adirondacks, there is no shortage of places to launch your boat! Find some public and private launch resources here.